Tuesday, May 19, 2015

2 bits

     Two bits of interesting happiness today:

- A client I have been helping for some time, stopped by to share pictures of her grandchildren and a very large and delicious loaf of blueberry bread she made for me.  It was still warm.  We unwrapped it together, and I broke my cardinal rule of not eating homemade things customers give me ... it smelled so good that I thought if it was designed to kill me, so be it.  She told me that I had to leave it open to cool. When she left, I stuck it in one of my cabinets and the whole office smelled fabulous for the rest of the day.  I could have put it in the breakroom, but then I might have run the risk of killing my team.  Nobody is going down on my watch.

- In the afternoon, a client came in with a challenge which required me to make a number of phone calls to get him a resolution.  As is often the case while you're on hold and another human is staring you in the face, you make small talk.  He was 80 and in wonderful shape for his age.  Then he brought up a minor surgery he had planned in the morning, and how he was freaking out about it. He explained that he had fluid building up in his right lung for no apparent reason.  Trying to explain that they had put a tube through his breast to siphon the fluid out, he was struggling to grasp the way to phrase it.  So he blurted out that they had stuck it "through his tit."  He was immediately mortified, but I played it off for his sake.  Then we told jokes about doctors.  I was on hold for a very long time.

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