Monday, June 1, 2015

Jenner rant

     I wasn't going to write anything about Bruce Jenner's transition, because as I mentioned a couple of posts ago, it's not really any of my business.  With today's announcement and photos of Caitlyn Jenner, I thought this is really like her cotillion party - and who doesn't love a party, maybe I should put my thoughts down.  Yet still I stopped myself.  Looking at the cover online I said, "Self, still nothing to write about here really, just another human being finally being able to come into their own."  But then I saw some comments by acquaintances on Facebook both pro and con, that silly/stupid Fox News segment where they mocked her (as though we should expect anything less), and then finally someone mentioning that this news was the foretelling of the second coming of Christ and the downfall of society.
     Camel's back broken.
     I want to live in a world where nobody gives a crap about all of this.  A world where the only people who she would have had to worry about telling was her family, because everyone else would be busy living their lives and not giving a fuck.  I want a world where my children and their friends don't have to worry about this level of unbridled animosity.  I want a world where this is no big deal, because it isn't.  My husband differs with me in that he feels this example is a big deal because of Jenner's notoriety and sports fame, therefore it should get this level of attention.  I get that part, but I don't want it to be a big deal.  I'm sad for her that she had to wait until 65 to be true to herself, that it was all a big necessary facade.  The fact that she felt it mandatory to live this lie is born out in the reactions by people that I've seen in the last few hours.
     I actually read comments questioning what her plans were for her penis and only then would they believe her actual intent and not a push for attention ... seriously.  What the fuck is wrong with people?  Honest ... to ... God.  If you are in this camp, if you're making jokes and snide comments, I would like you to think about something for one minute more.  What if your child came to you and told you that they weren't comfortable in their skin, that nothing made sense.  What if they told you they had been struggling for years, that they were suffering.  What if they talked about wanting to die. What if they actually tried.  This is your child, someone you created and loved and read stories to at bedtime.  You taught them to walk and then run. You prayed to whatever you hold dear when they were sick for the first time.  You cried with them, danced with them, hoped for them.  And now they stand before you suffering.  Would you mock them?  Would you make shitty jokes, talk about how this was the end of society?
     Would you?
     If your answer is yes, I'm sorry for you.  I'm sorry for your friends and family that will never be able to turn to you for help.  I'm sorry for your children, on so many levels.  I'm sorry for the people in this world that you will never get to talk to, have a meal with, laugh with, learn to be a better person on this planet with, because you have a lot to learn.

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