Monday, September 30, 2013

Shoe Love

One of the many positive aspects of commuting is people watching, or more specifically for me, shoe watching.  Each day brings the hope of spying something fabulous, whether I could wear them or not.  It's an almost voyeuristic opportunity to satisfy my love of shoes.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I have many, many, many pairs.  In fact, I haven't counted them in years.  It's better that way psychologically.  Today was a good day.  We had these:

And these:
I'm equal opportunity; heels, flats, mules, boots, sneakers, sandals.  You name it ... I can appreciate it.  Except for flip flops.  But more precisely, it's dirty, gnarly toes and feet that can be seen in flip flops.  I dare you to look, really look at those crappy flip flops on the chick in the grocery store when she walks past you.  I think that Dana Stevens sums it up nicely here:


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  1. You should work for one of my new bosses. She is a self-described "shoe whore." I nearly wet my pants laughing when she said that about herself.