Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I saw a wonderful example of New England stubbornness this morning. 

The train door shut and this guy announced loudly, "IS THIS GOING TO PARK STREET?" Several of us mumbled, yeah ... it's going to Park Street. "REALLY?"  Yeah, buddy ... that's what the map over your head says, the flashing electronic announcement is screaming, and the conductor on the speaker said three times.

Satisfied, he turned and grabbed the metal pole to his right, promptly smacking the woman standing next to him in the face with his coat sleeve.  He apologized, and moved his arm up about an inch on the pole.  Then the whole way to the next stop, his sleeve kept wap, wap, wapping her in the face.  And this is where the stubbornness comes in.  She stood there, refusing to give up her spot near the door.  She just stared straight on through the wapping.


  1. "Wap" is such a wonderful word, and completely under-utilized. Working with the public really opens our eyes to the way humans act.

  2. she should have taken a pair of scissors to the sleeve.