Monday, October 28, 2013

Small Trip

     I'm taking a small business trip to NYC for the night; it's exciting and I'm more than a bit nervous to fly.
     Got to the airport with what I hoped would be enough time ... Although I made issues for myself.  I went online in advance to make sure what I could and couldn't bring, but alas, I missed the fine print about the wonderful people at the TSA being able to do whatever they wanted to anyway.
     First, I left my pedometer on my hip ... Necessitating a mini pat down and extra time while that went through the X-ray machine. Second, I left a credit card sized, flat, multi tool in my wallet, necessitating a bag check.  It seems as though the 1 inch sharp side (which he kept calling a blade ... Really?) is against regulations.  I was told I could go back and check my carrying on or go back and mail it to myself.  I will tell you, I was a bit grabby ... Trying to show where it was and explain it was a bottle opener/multi tool. Alas, the officious prig who checked my bag reminded me he was trying to do his job. Not having the time to go back, I "relinquished" it.
     I then found a supervisor who explained to me that he took my concerns seriously and would provide feedback to the powers that be and the website.  Sure.  
     Thank you, sir. I appreciate your dedication and my civil liberties would like to add "fuck you."

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