Friday, October 25, 2013

A Couple Rules and a Couple Pictures

     I'm going to start making notes on some rules that could help my fellow passengers:

     1.From my limited understanding of train mechanics, sighing loudly does not make the train move faster or propel it forward in any way.

     2.If you want to sit next to me and flirt, I am flattered, truly I am.  But on one of the highest levels of flirting sits proper hygiene.  Ergo, no flirting with the super stinky.

     3.I'm glad you like your headphones and your interesting choices in music. Please sing inside your head.  We can't hear you there.

     4.While on public transportation, it's a good practice to keep your hands away from your face and eyes, and then you should wash when you get home.  Just a thought.

Those are from today.  And now a couple flying v's for your weekend:

(Yes, 3 spots ... You're counting correctly.)

Flying V = the spread eagle seating style that many men take while on the train; providing copious testicle space; boxing out the competition

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