Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thanks for Nothing

     I talk to myself a lot. It's comforting, I work things through and probably, I'm losing my mind. It must be a slow process though, since I've been doing this for decades.
     The walk to the train is a little less than a half mile, so I can "go over" a lot in that time. And I'm always aware of my surroundings - safety first. This is why I don't understand those women, and men, who have headphones in constantly.  There's no way they know what's going on outside of their bubble. Hey, music is supremely important to me, too, but I don't have to fill every moment of my existence with sound ... But, I digress.
     I had reached the crosswalk, passed through the first 2 lanes (no one coming) and was in the middle median. Now, I don't know if that light is about to change, and I have 2 lanes full of cars to my right, so I hit the "pedestrian walking here" button. Immediately, the guy in the pole position starts screaming at me. 
     "Don't hit the button! Just walk! What's wrong with you!"
     This throws me out of my quiet, lips barely moving while I'm talking, revelry. I scurry across, turn my head back and scream, "there's no need to yell at me!"  The woman sitting next to him shrugs and smiles. The light turns green; they speed on their way and out of my life.
     But not really.  To paraphrase a joke I heard a long time ago, he flapped his wings momentarily and fucked my morning up. And I know I'm supposed to find my zen spot and let it go, but he screwed up my train of thought. So, thank you, sir ... And have a nice day.

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