Thursday, October 17, 2013


     I got on the red line and made my way to the one seat open.  I know I'm only traveling 3 stops, but I'm going to be on my feet all day ... So, I'm sitting now while I can. 
     That seat is next to a spread eagle guy with a bag on the floor, 1/3 of his leg on my new seat, handheld gaming device and big feet.  As I sit, I excuse myself, but he doesn't move.  I sit, clearly with my leg touching/on his leg.  I try to get some purchase with my feet, knocking his ... Doesn't move. I'm smushed against the pole on my right, his thigh on my left, and I'm cramping in my foot.
     And then ... The ceiling starts dripping on him.  He initially thinks it's me, but after I point to the drip, turns back to his device.  Every time the drip hits him in the back of the neck, he swats at himself.
     So, he didn't move, and when I stood up, his bag strap tripped me, but he was really annoyed and wet for a couple stops.
     And then I came above ground into the mother of pearl gray sky of my beloved city.

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