Monday, October 7, 2013

Hair Folly

I have long hair; always have, always will.

My old standard of when it was time to trim was when my hair would get stuck in the car door - as sometimes the hair has a mind of it's own and flies around behind me.  Occasionally, when I sit on the train, parts of said hair will reach out and land on the shoulder of my seat mate.  I always apologize and wrangle it back in.  Today, I didn't notice the landing on the girl to my right. My hair wanted to make a new friend with her headphones.  What followed was an interesting tug of war between she and I; me trying to get my straggler home, her trying to keep the headphone in her ear.   I won, and the follicles returned home.

Yes, today we have a new standard.  We're trimming this week.

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