Tuesday, November 12, 2013


     I'm not feeling well.  Not at all.  But I'm going to work.  Now before you yell at me, hear me out. 
     I've always had a problem with staying home when sick.  Not for other people, just for me.  I do have a couple absolutes: fever and vomiting.  Unless either or happened hours before and I feel a little better ... Then I go.
     Some of my reticence comes from my mom.  She never stayed home sick.  Of course, she was a single mom raising us on an hourly wage with no health insurance.  If she didn't go, there was a good chance we wouldn't eat.  Long since salaried, I still feel like even though I get sick time, I should rarely use it.  Or I should save it in case I get really sick.  
     I had a boss who would chide me from time to time, but she was a poor example herself, and I worried she would see it as a sign of weakness if I stayed home.  And if you were weak, you were out.  From time to time, I've gone because I worried that it wasn't fair to my team ... Not that they couldn't handle the work without me, but that I should be there for them.
     So, I'm trudging my way in and hoping that I don't get to much grief over it.

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