Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thank You, Mr. Bike Rider

     On the way out of work, I have to cross the street to get to my t-stop.  There's a pedestrian crosswalk, and most of the time, the cars stop patiently while I scramble across.  I'm not one of those slow walkers ... the kind that you want to ease up on; I move quickly, and I say thank you.  Mama raised me right.
     Tonight, I stepped up to the crosswalk and three cars zoomed past me.  As they passed, I stepped off the curb and saw several bicycles coming.  I paused for them, and the lead cyclist, cigar in mouth, jaunty cap and hipster look, came to a complete stop, while the others passed me.  I was so impressed that he stopped, I stopped to say thank you.  And by stopping, I didn't get pancaked by the bus that sped through the crosswalk.
     So thank you again, Mr. Bike Rider for obeying the traffic rules.  Be safe getting home.

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