Friday, February 7, 2014


     This morning's first leg of the commute was full of vignettes:

- me wedged between two huge guys, each refusing to move their arms in even a smidge.  I rode with my shoulders rolled forward and one small bit of my back touching the seat, forearms stretched out in front if me, as I couldn't bend my elbows. 

- a small group of high school students discussing the previous nights basketball game at a rival school.  One young woman discussed the personal affront she had received by another lady in attendance who had called her out on an issue.  She became more & more animated about the injustice.  By the end of our trip, she was loudly planning when she was going to beat the shit out of the offender.

- two women sitting kitty corner to me who I thought were having a lovely early morning discussion, until I realized that only one was talking.  It was really a one person discussion.  She had a cool hat on though, pointed with a little pom pom and long braid ties. At one point, woman number two pulled a couple boxes of powdered soup mix out of her purse and started to read the labels, obviously looking for an out.

     Good morning, Boston.

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