Tuesday, September 30, 2014


     On Saturday, as my in-laws neared the end of their visit, I thought it would be nice to introduce them to a fabulous doughnut shop near our house where they make fresh, delicious, large bites of heaven.  I don't go often as they're so filling we don't finish them all before they harden (I mentioned they were fresh), and you have to go early to get certain flavors before they run out.  The line goes out the door.  I had to pop into work for a little bit and afterwards I was on my way.
     When I got there, I jumped in line and inched closer to the counter, trying to see what was available.  I'm always on the lookout for the holy grail - the chocolate marshmallow, a marvelous confection of chocolate frosted raised doughnut filled with marshmallow crème.  I've had three in as many years.  As I got about six people away from my turn, I saw on the bottom rack one lonely marshmallow jewel.  I almost yelled out, "I claim that one."  Instead, I tried to play it cool and will the people in front of me to make other choices.  When the woman behind the counter called on me, I jumbled together I'lltakeadozendoughnuts,canIpleasehavethechocolatemarshamallow?  I picked eleven others, but honestly I was focused on five minutes in the future when it would be me alone in the car with that doughnut and a bottle of milk.
     I won't go into more detail, as the next few minutes are very private, but here is an aftershot:

If you're in the neighborhood - www.kanesdonuts.com

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