Thursday, September 25, 2014

No Lie

     I have always had a weakness for older male customers.  They'll tell me their life story.  I pay attention.  I humor them.  It sometimes gets me in trouble for endulging them.  I enjoy helping little old ladies, as well, but that's a mixed bag of emotions for me.  One, I think of my mom (who wouldn't be pleased with me calling her an old lady) and two, the first con artist who stole a pair of shoes from underneath my nose was a little old lady.  That's a story for another time.
     This afternoon, I picked the wrong little old man.  I walked up and asked if he needed any help.  As God is my witness, he said (slightly paraphrased), "do I need help?  From a pretty young thing like you, with long brown hair and beautiful eyes?  You need to step back before I attack you.  Then they'd have to call the cops to get me off you, and then I'd get in trouble with my wife over there."  I nervously laughed and moved away quickly.
     He seriously told me out loud that he was thinking about attacking me and having to be forcibly pulled off by the police.  There were other people in the lobby.  I'm sure he thought he was paying me a compliment in some way, and that due to his age he should be excused.  I was floored, truth be told.

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