Monday, October 20, 2014

Jury Duty

     I'm headed home from jury duty and thankful I wasn't picked this time.  I say that not because it is my civic duty which I take seriously, and not because it would be a hardship on work for me to not be there for 7-9 days as this trial was forecast to take (both of which are very true), but because I finally have a doctors appt. this week for my leg/back issues.  If I had to reschedule again, they'd probably book me in the new year.  I say this not to engender pity in any way, but today hasn't been a good day pain wise.
     When they excused me I was also thankful as there was no way I could have been impartial, which would have been unfair to the respondent and contrary to the whole point of serving correctly.  I told the judge I would try, but he could see in my answers that I would have a hard time, so he let me go.  Today's judge was so much better than the last time I was called to serve about 6 1/2 years ago.  When I explained to that judge that my mother was going to be having surgery and I needed to be available for her, he asked me "if she survived the procedure would I go back to work."  I said I would, as it happened to be the holiday season in retail and I was the boss there and the breadwinner at home.  He told me that in that case I could serve on the jury.  I believe that there's a special place in hell for that fellow.
     After I left the courthouse I was feeling peckish, so I grabbed a sandwich at a marvelous food truck near city hall.  Never pass up a decent looking food truck - yummy goodness will ensue.  It was a scallion pancake folded in half and stuffed with two lightly cooked eggs, cheddar cheese and two thick slices of bacon.  The yolks were so runny and delicious that I was a mess at the end.  Then I walked to the next T-stop in the hope that the forward momentum would ease the pain shooting down my leg.  It was a joy to walk through the city that I love, to watch all the people out in their fall gear and to see the progress on the outside of the Government Center T-stop.

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