Friday, December 13, 2013


     My head is pounding like the four horsemen are racing to see who gets there first.  And on the train, it's hot and close. I'm lucky that I got a seat, and I'm lucky that my new mentor graciously suggested I could leave a bit early.
     Unfortunately, the gentleman next to me is on his phone call in a super loud voice.  His Spanish is so loud and so fast that I'm barely picking up any of it.  As I've mentioned in the past, I love listening to languages and participating where I can.  I think my head may pop open.
     Now he has pulled a Yoohoo from his bag, and in between each loud phrase, a long, slurpy sip.  Whatever business he is conducting, he clearly doesn't care if anyone around him understands or not.
     The train has now slowed to a crawl.  The conductor says there must be signal problems.  At this point, the extra time has been erased.  I'm contemplating pulling a pen out of my bag and shoving it into my brain.  Or his.
     I'm typing this in full view.  I don't care if he reads it over my shoulder or not.  Don't care.  Don't care.  Don't care.  Don't care.  Oh, his phone dropped the call!!!!
     Sigh ... Nope, they called back.
     Ok, time to change to the next train.  If the good Lord is willing and the crick don't rise, he won't be taking the next train.  Otherwise, it's night-night time with the ballpoint.

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