Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Eve

     I didn't realize how difficult the commute home was going to be.  I have to travel into the city to get to the train that travels out.  The first train that came to my stop was so full that none of us could even get on.  And no one got off.
     We are slowly moving forward into the city.  At each stop we have to jostle and flex to let some out ... Almost as though they're being birthed onto the platform.  The car seems to be filled with early revelers and very few workers headed home.
     And now we're being told the train is to be re-routed.  Everyone needs to get off.
     I'm so looking forward to getting home that I feel like yelling, "But you don't understand.  I have to get home to my kids."  Except several people are trying to get home to their kids.  No need to make an entitled bullshit sort of statement.  So instead, I'm going to stand here with the chick in the flashing 2014 glasses, do my labor breathing to relax and focus on the babies.
     I wish you peace, joy and happiness in the new year.  I hope you are surrounded by friends and at least one lovely person to kiss at midnight.  Kiss them a couple times.

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