Friday, December 27, 2013

Humorless Already?

     On the way home, I finally got a seat on the train.  As I sat, my winter coat spread an inch or two onto the seat next to me.  When a woman moved to sit next to me, she made a little flourish of having to scootch forward and shift my coat.  I quickly apologized and reined it in saying, "Oh, I'm sorry.  Is my big, fat coat in the way?  Well ... At least it's not my big, fat butt."  And then since I'm a wee bit tired and in pain, I sort of giggled hard for a second.
     She did not find this funny.  Not at all. At the next stop when a seat opposite us opened, she moved quickly, clutching her purse tight to her chest.

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  1. You could have broken into a few bars of "I am what I am . . "