Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How Romantic ...

     As I sit here on the green line, after waiting almost 20 minutes for a train to show up, I'm being blessed with the most obnoxious conversation I may have heard in years between three men.  It's the guy standing and the two sitting (back of their heads):

     Why obnoxious, you ask?  They're discussing some hot chick one of them met the other day at the gym.  One asked, but do you really want to date a girl who is better at golf than you?  I don't know, dude, was his response.  It went on from there.  If she was good at this sport or that sport (I think he said racquetball), that would be ok, because I wouldn't be into those (no real competition).  But golf, that's a big deal.  Then I almost swear I thought I heard one of them say, and if she could take care of herself physically that would be great, because than I wouldn't have to worry about defending her.
     Now maybe all this was being said on purpose in order to piss off all those in earshot (which would be all of us) or maybe they're just dicks.  I'm leaning towards dicks though.

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