Monday, April 28, 2014

New Route

     Intrepid readers, I start a new route to work tomorrow.  It's only for a month or so, but instead of taking the subway, I'll be driving.  I'm sure I'll find anecdotes to share.
     On the way home, I just missed a fight  between 2 young women and a young man at State St. station.  There were several police officers restraining both sides.  Somebody is not happy.  Then I was moved forward to wait on the crowded far end.  Lucky to grab a seat:

(That's my current view.). The crabby lady to my right was displeased when my hair touched her.  I apologized, but apparently I interrupted her Kindle time - shitty device - old loyalties die hard.  
     My missed lunch is in the bag at my feet.  If I could only bend my elbows to my mouth ... It's calling my name ... Eat me ... Eat me ... Eat me.  I don't think the guy on my left would appreciate the lox though, so I've got to wait till it thins out a bit.  
     I will miss the train, believe it or not.

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