Monday, July 7, 2014

Do That Now

     Louis CK has this hysterical joke about reaching 40 and having reoccurring ankle pain.  He goes to the doctor, and the prescription is stretching.  When he asks if that'll "cure" him, the doctor says, "No, you just do that now."

     I love him.  Isn't he fabulous?  You know what else ... it's 100% fucking true. 
     I've been dealing/living with varying degrees of pain in my back and knees for some time.  Many people have it much worse, and I don't like to draw attention.  This means I tend to keep quiet until it's bad, or I'm very difficult to live with.  I decided I couldn't take it anymore and asked to see my doctor.  After delays and rescheduled appointments, having my requests for pain management rebuffed and waiting a month to even have an MRI, I got to speak to my new doctor today with the results.
     She was lovely over the phone and insistent that she didn't want to prescribe a course of treatment without meeting me in person.  She went over the results and described how she was probably going to recommend physical therapy, again no pain meds (small aside, I'd like to thank the people in Massachusetts who can't control their opiate use). When I asked if this would fix me, she told me, "This is a functional thing."  In other words, no, you just do that now. 

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