Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mom Jeans

     Two equally interesting and odd things happened today.

1.  I helped an older woman who came in with her sister in tow.  She seemed a little confused, which I think is why she brought her sister with her.  She was wearing jeans, which on face doesn't seem that odd, but I challenge you to keep your eyes out for older women (late 60's-70's) in jeans.  It's not the norm for some reason.  They wear just about everything else under the sun but them.  It caught my eye, because my mom wore jeans all the time.  She was the exception to the old lady rule in that regard.  To be honest, seeing this woman in jeans took me off guard a little.  I made sure we solved her problem and made her feel happier.  The other interesting part to the story, their last name ... Sullivan.  They kept calling me their cousin.  (I got a smidge weepy.)

2.  After work, I attended a work-related networking function.  Part of the purpose was to learn about other avenues within the company that might interest you.  It was very well put together and very well attended.  I met lots of lovely people who enjoyed their work ... except one.  After I asked her if she could explain her job, she proceeded to tell me how hard it was, how tedious and monotonous each day was, filled with paperwork and reports that never seemed to end.  Either no one took the time to explain to her the protocol of at least pretending to like her job, or she was trying to make sure that no one showed any interest and potentially applied for her position.  I kept trying to walk away gracefully ... it just wouldn't end.  One of my co-workers had to come over and literally grab my elbow to steer me away from the tractor beam of displeasure I was caught in.

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