Thursday, January 16, 2014

Drunk Guy

     As I entered the blue line, I saw a guy sitting at the bottom of the steps surrounded by fellow travelers.  He was clearly inebriated in some fashion.  One well meaning lady was saying, "well he can't sit here.  People coming down the steps are going to trip on him."  Another more well meaning guy was saying, "it's safer here than by the edge of the platform.  The danger is over there.  He will fall in."  The guy was looking slowly back and forth between the two, blinking even more slowly.  Each presenting their case ... Him vs. Us.
     Meanwhile, a gaggle of college aged girls was like, "what does it matter?"  Let him stand where he wants to stand.  Geez."  Like the pick-a-little-talk-a-little ladies from The Music Man.

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