Friday, January 17, 2014

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

     I worry that harping on some of the same train topics will bore you, dear readers.  So, I sometimes debate with myself whether to post or not (pictures aside).  If I have become repetitive, I beg your pardon.  
     What amazes me is the consistency with which larger men seem to think that it's ok to make it difficult for you (a smaller woman) to get around them or ok to squish you into your seat.  Case in point:

     The above dick with the black murse (man purse), refused to move so that I could both get past him and get to the empty seat he was blocking.  This seat happens to be between two huge guys, both living large with full on flying V's.  One made an attempt to reign it in so that I could sit, the other seemed to expand his base of operations.  
     Let's return to the aforementioned dick.  During the last 10 minutes, he has continued to stand as close to my seated self as possible, just missing my knees:

     I'm sure that this is being done in order to intimidate me.  I openly took pictures of him.
     I grow weary of this bullshit.  I've been standing since 7:30am this morning.  My knees are swollen, my left kidney is in pain and my back hurts from the base of my tailbone up to between my shoulder blades.  I'm not moving from this seat.  He could rest his crotch on my phone, and I'm going to keep typing.

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