Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thank you, God

     Thank you, God that ...

- my family is in a warm, safe home.
- that although I will grumble when the bill arrives, I can afford to heat this home.
- that the wind has been at my back so far this morning.
- that I have the common sense to be dressed appropriately for these temperatures. I continue to see people without hats or gloves.  (It's not for lack of funds.  If you can buy a $5 cup of Starbucks whatever, you can afford a knit hat.  Yesterday, several people I work with told me they didn't want to ruin their hair.  I will now question their other decisions.)
- that I work inside.
- that the public transportation I take to work is pretty reliable.  If I were driving, I would be worried about breaking down in these temperatures.  (If you've never experienced being stranded by your car in poor weather ... I'm thankful for that, too.)

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