Monday, January 6, 2014

One Handed

     I chose my seat this morning without realizing I wouldn't have the use of my right arm.  It was completely pinned to my side by my seat mate. I was also afraid she might eat me.
     After thankfully transferring to the next train, I continued to be amazed at the "grown-ups" that have to be reminded about train etiquette.  We were jammed up against the door, and at the stop, the guy between me and the door refused to step off so we could let the passengers disembark.  I looked him in the eye, "it's ok, we'll get right back on.  We have to let them off."  Then finally, the chick at my back who tried to push past all of us who were getting off the train.  As though we weren't all going to the same place.
     Oh people ... Sometimes you're exhausting.

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