Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 4

     It's day 4 of the Government Center shutdown, and the only reason I mention anything was that I noticed a helpful T employee at Haymarket station who was offering guidance ... She was yelling out, "straight ahead and down the stairs to the green line" over and over and over.  Some guy walked up and said, "excuse me. Which way to the green line?"  With the same tone and strength, he got her town crier phrase full face on.  Awesome.
     Also, this morning the train conductors stopped announcing that Government was closed and get off here if you want to connect with "X" line.  Like it dawned on them that they'd be saying this for 2 years.  So, good luck if you're visiting Boston in the near future, and welcome!

     On a side note, I'm compiling a mental list of things if like to imagine I could do to make more room for myself on a crowded train:
- pick my nose
- speak in tongues
- speak in tongues to my purse
- lay down on the seats in the fetal position 
- change my clothes piece by piece into exact copies of what I'm already wearing
- learn to juggle
- set up a pop-up pup tent

I need to put my thinking cap on.

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