Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mary Jane

     My walk to work takes me past an office building with a recessed walkway that gives a measure of cover from the elements.  Many early mornings, as I walk that stretch of pavement, I'm struck with the powerful odor of pot.  The young woman stands in a notch in the wall, face forward.  It reminds me of those funny memes where the little kid thinks he's playing hide & seek standing behind the curtain, but his legs are sticking out.  I see you, miss.  You're like ... right there.
     I happen to know that she works at one of the clothing stores in the mall.  So, immediately afterwards, she goes to work.  Now I've not ever been into recreational drugs, but I thought that part of the deal was the recreating.  If you have to get high in order to sell clothes, perhaps this line of work is taking all the fun out of your life ... Or at least you should weigh whether or not to waste your buzz at work.

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