Tuesday, March 4, 2014


     It's been a trying day, and I will admit, a trying couple of ______ (fill in the blank).    As I approached the train station, I could see the train.  It's the end of this particular line, so I know that if I don't catch this one it could be 10 minutes before another one leaves.  I made a mini pact to myself years ago, that I wouldn't sprint for a bus or train anymore, especially through a crosswalk ... But I did pick up the pace substantially, all the while trying to check in at home (another late night).  So when I made it through the turnstile and onto the train, I was breathing a bit hard and perhaps saying "thank you, God" a little too loudly.
     And then a lovely thing happened.  The woman across from my seat struck up a conversation with me.  Just a quick couple of sentences about running for a train, wearing the right shoes, etc.  I shared my mom's belief that you shouldn't own any shoes you can't run in; we laughed.  It was nice.  Then we each turned to our phones, and before you know it, I was switching trains.  Just a lovely moment in a long day.

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