Tuesday, March 25, 2014


     Yesterday marked the start of the 2 year construction project that the MBTA has undertaken with the Government Center t-station.  It needs new electrical, new walls, handicap access ... the list goes on and on.  Apparently, it was a death trap, and the tens of thousands of us that used it every day were lucky.
     If you don't live here, the solution to shutting down a major hub that services 2 lines, is to get yourself to a turn around spot and take another train that hooks up with your original line.  It sounds worse than it is; it's mostly just inconvenient.  (I would feel differently though if I were navigating the passageways and stairs with all the kids.)
     I was quite impressed with the morning commute yesterday.  There were  T employees at every connection to guide you, fewer on the trip home.  Today, there's lots of stickers on walls that point the way to go.  I've counted three human guides, so far.  That's the MBTA approach ... How much more help do you need?
     They said to add 10-15 minutes to your commuting time, which was spot on for the trip in, but not so close for the trip home (the trains run less frequently outside of traditional business hours).  Complaining isn't my forte, and who knows where the boss will put me in two to three months, so I should find a more zen-like place.  But I'm not there just yet. 

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